BJ Ramone

Audio Master /\ Chief Editor

BJ Ramone grew up immersed in New York’s entertainment industry with legendary music producer Phil Ramone for a father, and actress/singer turned artist manager Karen Kamon for a mother, performing in his youth for acts such as Gloria Estefan’s Christmas studio album and on Broadway with Raffi. BJ attended the “hidden Ivy” school Skidmore College in pursuit of his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. While there, he joined the college’s official sketch comedy group “The Sketchies”, authoring and acting in original sketches, filming, and running live audio. Throughout his studies, BJ continued to dive deeper into the music community, working positions such as foley artist and assistant audio engineer on independent film Dorian Blues, sound mixer for Rise of the Dead, music coordinator for TV movie “Kings of South Beach”, and music producer for Kaki King on the movie August Rush.
After graduating in 2005, BJ moved beyond film and television, apprenticing under prestigious producers such as Frank Filipetti, Elliot Scheiner, Al Schmidt, Paul O’Neill, Eric Schilling, Tom Morris, Jim Morris, and continuously with his father. Throughout these years, he honed his expertise in audio engineering, music production, vocal coaching, and band development. He has since spent his career working across dozens of major recording studios, live tours, and award shows, such as the Grammy’s, Latin Grammy’s, Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize Ceremony. His portfolio extends across a diverse range of musical genres, spanning artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Ray Charles, Chicago, Dionne Warwick, George Michael, Rod Stewart, Plies, Savatage, Iced Earth, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
In 2019, BJ co-founded TwistedLogix Productions, Tampa Bay’s premiere livestream and multimedia services company, with his wife and partner Taylor. When BJ is not in the studio or out on tour, he loves keeping up with the latest technologies, rocking out at local shows, exploring theme parks, and being a bit of a foodie trying out new restaurants and breweries with his friends and family.


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