David Morris

Production Assistant /\ Web Manager

“You may ask ‘Is he really the type of person to quote himself in his own bio?’ The answer, of course, is obvious.”
-David H. Morris, 2020

Being the descendant of a long lineage of musicians and engineers, David Morris predictably finds himself between the two worlds. With most of his family and friends being musicians, David, who can’t even read sheet music, excels at being a poser. As a computer science student at the University of South Florida, David has an undeniable passion for technology. After bouncing between hardware and software, David landed in the field of website development. Although he is still a young padawan learner, David rises to meet each new challenge, and grows more with every project.
With an English teacher and an electrical engineer turned record producer for parents, he grew up with exposure to a wide range of subjects. After graduating from the International Baccalaureate program in highschool, David began studying business at his current university. Two years later, the shock in people's voices upon hearing David's decision to switch from business to computer science reverberated like a quiet whisper into a pillow. Outside of school and web development, he spends his time listening to a wide variety of music, creating and planning fantasy / sci-fi stories, researching seemingly random topics, and other introverted hobbies that slowly are removing his sanity. In a conversation, anything weird or nerdy is welcome. He finds nothing more interesting than a person talking about their passion, and if you can teach him something new that’s even better.
“It’s ok to start from nothing, and it's ok to fail when learning. Just remember to be charitable to yourself because you'll never stop learning.” -A guy writing his own bio, 2020


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