Live Production

With TLX, you can reach your band’s performance through the screen and into the hearts of homebound audiences worldwide! Running multiple cameras through our professional-grade 1080p livestream system, we mix your branding assets with smart transitions through our switchers to deliver a fresh stream directly to your social channel online to engage with your fans. (Option to additionally simulcast in hifi through TLX’s website)

Every moment on stage is special, from a face-melting solo to a tear-welling crescendo. Our team of videographers are there to capture each moving moment across multiple cameras all night, ensuring clutch footage that captures the emotional essence of your gig.

We’ll jam live on the soundboard while you jam live on stage, ensuring your in-person audience has the most powerful sonic experience of your show. Our audio engineers have decades of professional experience as live engineers, studio engineers and performers; we’ll work with you to make sure the sound you want is what is heard. (Please Note- while we do not provide sound reinforcement equipment, we do have some great local recommendations!)

Live performance can generate new melodies, haunting harmonies, and mind-bending solos. TLX will capture your performance live in multitrack, ensuring each moment is immortalized and providing you with fresh content to wow the ‘gram (and the label).


Post Production

Fans are always craving new content from their favorite bands. Build up a base of videos to let them relive your vibe and grow your tribe. Beit from on the stage or in the studio, we can turn footage from your performances into memorable stories that keep the songs playing on.

When you have worked hard to develop a killer sound and tight performance, it sizzles! We can craft a splashy 1-5min video reel for your band showing off that very sizzle at its snazziest, so you can send promoters and agents something to catch their eye--and their booking.

There’s nothing quite as inspiring as a recap video of an incredible show to entice your growing fanbase to attend the next amazing performance. We’ll turn your footage into a nostalgic rehash of your gig! Between 2-10mins, these linear videos follow the event in vibe and experience.

A great gig deserves to have its every sonic element shine through with crisp clarity and punchy impact. TLX’s engineers can create this mix for you, giving your songs a fresh perspective out of our partner facility Morrisound Recording.

Consulting Services

Overwhelmed trying to learn how to set up your own livestream rig? Can’t afford to hire a livestream team for every performance? TLX can help! Our engineers will work with you to design and install a system that best balances your production and budget needs.

Our team of audio engineers have finely tuned their critical listening skills over decades across studios, having performed countless audio evals and “shootouts” alongside groups like The Recording Academy (formerly NARAS), the META Alliance, Dolby Labs, and the Nielsen Company. If you’re looking for guidance on choosing your next audio processing system, we can help you listen!

Planning your studio’s new signal flow can feel like an overwhelming monster in the era of AoIP, but you’re not alone! TLX can help you design your pathways and workflow to best fit your studio’s use cases for music recording, band rehearsal, or audio mixing.

Planning signal flow for an audio lab can also feel like an overwhelming monster; but fear not, we’re here to help for this too! TLX will work with you to design your unique workflow to best fit your lab’s use cases for audio testing, sound recording, or acoustic simulation.


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